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Role: Marksman
Type: AttunementType Kinetic.png Kinetic
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Originates from: Master X Master
Weapon Damage: 9
Skill Power: 4
Survivability: 3
Difficulty: 6

Innowin is one of the Masters in Master X Master.


  • Name: Innowin
  • Nickname: In the Win
  • Race: Presumed Human
  • Occupation: Mercenary Sniper
  • Weapon: Nova, a custom made Particle Accelerator Rifle
  • Goal: To support her family through serving Imadath on the Dredgion as a Master

Story: In the Win[]

Innowin is the adopted daughter of a Reclamation soldier and his wife. She was raised on one of the settlements in the Amaari planetary system, and grew into a happy, healthy girl under the care of her adoptive family. She doesn't know who her real parents are, but as orphans were not uncommon in the migration from Earth and the aftermath, she's never questioned it. The one clue from her past is Nova, her self-made particle rifle built around a piece of Sol she wore as a childhood necklace. If she was ever able to access the consciousness locked within it, she may be able to uncover her past.

A talented sharp-shooter, Innowin wields Nova like an extension of herself—and treats it as such, talking to it as one would a pet or a friend. When she was a teenager, she took some odd jobs as a mercenary to help her family make ends meet, which eventually drew the attention of engineers and thieves interested in Nova. With scoundrels constantly pursuing her to try and swipe Nova, she feared for her family's safety. Fortunately, it also attracted the attention of Imadath, who offered to provide for her parents in exchange for Innowin's service aboard the Dredgion. Always happy to help, Innowin agreed.


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Weapons Innowin.png A weaponized particle accelerator built by Innowin. Fires supercharged particle bursts that can be manipulated to cause unique effects. Deals 30% reduced damage to enemies within 5m.


Augments ChargeTime-KnockBack.png Augments ProjectileSpeed.png Augments ProjectileSize.png
Charge Time/Knock Back
Decreases Charge Time and increases Knock Back with charged attacks.
Projectile Speed
Increases the Projectile Speed of charged attacks.
Projectile Size
Increases the Projectile Size of charged attacks.
Charge(3) Knock Back (cm) +50
Charge Time (sec) -0.1
Charge(3) Projectile Speed +160 Charge(3) Projectile Width (cm) +20
Level 1 : Charge(3) Knock Back (cm) +20 (+70)
Charge Time (sec) -0.1 (-0.2)
Level 1 : Charge(3) Projectile Speed +200 (+360) Level 1 : Charge(3) Projectile Width (cm) +10 (+30)
Level 2 : Charge(3) Knock Back (cm) +30 (+100)
Charge Time (sec) -0.1 (-0.3)
Level 2 : Charge(3) Projectile Speed +200 (+560) Level 2 : Charge(3) Projectile Width (cm) +10 (+40)
Level 3 : Charge(3) Knock Back (cm) +50 (+150)
Charge Time (sec) -0.1 (-0.4)
Level 3 : Charge(3) Projectile Speed +200 (+760) Level 3 : Charge(3) Projectile Width (cm) +10 (+50)


Innowin passive 1.png [Passive] - Stay on Target[]

[Stay on Target] Innowin's weapon attacks leave a mark each time she hits an enemy. The mark lasts for 3 seconds, and stacks up to 3 times. Upon reaching 3 stacks, Innowin homes in on a weak spot in her target's armor, dealing an additional strike of damage.

Innowin defense 1.png [Survival] - Reposition[]

Quickly dashes 3.6m.

Innowin ability 1.png [1st ability] - Energy Lance[]

Unleashes a massive discharge of energy from Innowin's rifle, damaging all enemies in a line.

Innowin ability 2.png [2nd ability] - Shot Caller[]

Calls out a specific target, increasing their chance to be critically struck by allies. While called out, the target won't be able to stealth for 5 sec.

Innowin ability 3.png [3rd ability] - Explosive Escape[]

Fires an explosive round at Innowin's feet, knocking away any surrounding enemies.

Innowin ability 4.png [4th ability] - Paralyzer[]

Fires an energized shot that binds the first target in a line for 2 sec.

Innowin ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - Zeroing In[]

Innowin enters stealth and is unable to move while taking aim, but gains crowd control immunity. A reticle appears, allowing Innowin to track enemies and fire at the perfect moment.



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