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Masters are the playable characters in Master X Master. Each master has their own unique abilities, strengths and weakenesses. There are also several characters from other NCSOFT titles that are part of the game as playable masters.

Master X Master features a TAG System that allows players to swap between 2 masters in a match.

All players start with Lua and Sizuka unlocked for free. Additonal masters are unlocked with Icon sol.png SOL, which is earned by leveling up or completing certain missions and objectives. Masters can also be unlocked with Icon xcoin.png X-Coins, the premium currency in the game.

Players can change up how they want to play each Master with customizable weapons and skills:

  • Each Master has a unique weapon that can be empowered with one of 3 augments. The first augment is always unlocked for free while the other 2 must be unlocked with Icon gold.png Gold. These augments can then be upgraded with additional gold.
  • Masters have a set of 4 skills, 2 available from the start and 2 that must be unlocked with Gold before they can be used. Skills can be upgraded with additional gold. Upgrading skills to tier 3 and 6 will grant strong bonuses to that skill.

It is worth mentioning that these upgrades only affect PvE Stages and not the PvP Arenas.

Players are able to pick which augment and 2 skills they want to use during the master selection phase before a match starts.

Apart from standard skills, each master has a Passive, Survival and Ultimate skill:

  • Passive skills work automatically without the need of manually activating them.
  • Survival skills allow a master to mitigate, dodge or nullify incoming attacks.
  • Ultimate skills are powerful special abilities that work on a charge based system. Using an ultimate will spend one charge, and up to 5 charges can be stored at a time.

List of masters[]