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Role: Support
Type: AttunementType Ardent.png Ardent
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Voice Actor: Sean Orlikowski
Originates from: Aion
Weapon Damage: 5
Skill Power: 7
Survivability: 4
Difficulty: 6

Nanurunerk is one of the Masters in Master X Master.


  • Name: Nanurunerk
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Shugo
  • Occupation: Merchant
  • Quote: Masters need bundles. Nanurunerk provides!

Story: Merchant Extraordinaire[]

Nanurunerk was never a particularly good Shugo. His drive for profits was consistently overridden by his want to help others, and his curiosity of the world around him. It just so happens that this curiosity is what both garnered him ridicule from his Shugo brethren, who labeled him as a foolhardy scamp, and landed him on the Dredgion.

While digging through the storeroom in a Shugo mercantile outpost, Nanurunerk found a huge backpack amongst the wares. His curiosity overcame him, and he opened the flap to see what was inside. Nanurunerk leaned forward, slipping on fine silks that he had knocked onto the ground, and fell headfirst into the backpack. The Shugo nyerked wildly, flailing his arms and legs, which became tangled in the straps of the bag. The pack was pulled into itself, and with a sudden popping noise, Nanurunerk found himself aboard the Dredgion, in a pile of bundles, sitting before half a dozen Masters and Imadath. Sensing the residue of Aether, Imadath invited Nanurunerk to join the Dredgion, and the support the Masters as an honorary Master himself. Due to their connection to Aether and Atreia, Nanurunerk and Kromede are the only Masters able to use the magical backpack he found.


Coming Soon.


Temporal Bundle Pack[]

Weapons Nanurunerk.png A mysterious sack of wares that seems to be bottomless. It doesn't seem to work for most of the other Masters. Throws heavy bundles out to damage enemies. Occasionally slows.


Augments AttackPower.png Augments Overheat.png Augments IncreasedSlow.png
Weapon Damage
Increases Weapon Damage.
Reduces Heat Buildup.
Increases slow effect.
Weapon Damage +15 Heat Buildup -6 Target Projectile Movespeed -5%
Level 1: Weapon Damage +6 (+21) Level 1: Heat Buildup -2 (-8) Level 1: Target Projectile Movespeed -5% (-10%)
Level 2: Weapon Damage +9 (+30) Level 2: Heat Buildup -4 (-12) Level 2: Target Projectile Movespeed -5% (-15%)
Level 3: Weapon Damage +15 (+45) Level 3: Heat Buildup -6 (-18) Level 3: Target Projectile Movespeed -5% (-20%)


Nanurunerk passive 1.png [Passive] - Savvy Shugo[]

[High Roller] Hitting weapon attacks and picking up Bundles increases your RNG Meter by 10. Once full, your next skill has an empowered effect.

[Nyerk Off] Every fifth basic attack grants your next attack a slow for 1 second.

Nanurunerk defense 1.png [Survival] - Deal Chaser[]

Increases movespeed for 2 sec.

Nanurunerk ability 1.png [1st ability] - Enchantment Stone Bundle[]

Throws an Enchantment Stone Bundle. When picked up, this Bundle increases Weapon Damage and Skill Power by 30% for 10 sec.

[High Roller] The Bundle deals damage when thrown at enemies and grants a better Enchantment Stone Bundle.

Nanurunerk ability 2.png [2nd ability] - Supply Bundle[]

Throws a Supply Bundle that lasts for 10 sec. and grants bonuses when picked up. The Bundle can be one of two options.

Anti-Shock Scroll Bundle: Grants a shield that absorbs 500 damage.
Courage Scroll Bundle: Increases Attack Speed by 14.99%.

[High Roller] Bundle deals damage when thrown at enemies and drops an additional Bundle that grants 15 Ultimate Gauge.

Nanurunerk ability 3.png [3rd ability] - Manastone Bundle[]

Throws a Manastone Bundle. When picked up, this Bundle increases Weapon Damage, Skill Power, or Critical Strike chance by 2%. Manastone Bundle effects can stack and remain active through tagging.

Stacks reduced upon death. Zoning to a different area will reset stacks. Only effects Masters.

[High Roller] Throws two Manastone Bundles.

Nanurunerk ability 4.png [4th ability] - Trickster Bundle[]

Throws a Trickster Bundle that grants 30% movespeed for 3 sec. when picked up by allies, or paralyzes for 2 sec. when picked up by enemies.

[High Roller] The Bundle deals damage when thrown at enemies and grants its effects in a small area instead of only to whomever picked it up.

Nanurunerk ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - FIRESALE![]

Throws out every Bundle for Masters to pick up. Nearby enemies are stunned for 1 sec. by the incredible savings.



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