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Role: Skirmisher
Type: AttunementType Ardent.png Ardent
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Originates from: Master X Master
Weapon Damage: 7
Skill Power: 5
Survivability: 4
Difficulty: 4

Pancuga is one of the Masters in Master X Master.


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Story: The Hand Cannon[]

Pancuga, an orphan of Earth, grew up in the slums of a resistance settlement specifically made to house mostly mechanical beings who were not allied with Atlas. Near-Synd, or Fusers as they were called, were corralled into shantytowns where they could be segregated away from what were considered to be more biologically pure human beings. Their hovels were left largely in disarray, with little support from the reclamation fleet as distrust brewed against anyone who seemed to have no humanity left.

Though crime ran rampant throughout the slums, young Pancuga was able to find work as a scavenger, one who dug up supplies from Reclamation drops before roaming gangs could get to them. He sold his goods to sustain himself, until one day he was caught. Pancuga was pinned by a Hound, a member of one of the worst gangs in the slums. The Hound accused Pancuga of stealing supplies from their drops, and threatened to cut off his hand for thievery. A former Synd stepped in, defending Pancuga, and with a flash of punches made quick work of the Hound. He took Pancuga in, and seeing the fascination in Pancuga's eyes when he had fought, taught him the ancient ways of his lost art, Boxing.

The Boxer raised Pancuga until a call went out for soldiers to join a push against the Synd Parliament. They joined, assured of their fighting capability, and were led by Master Jena. During the battle, Pancuga's caretaker was struck down. Pancuga and Jena faced the remaining Synd forces together and were able to emerge victorious. In the midst of the battle, Pacuga was mortally wounded, losing an arm. Jena swiftly transplanted the Boxer's arm onto Pancuga to stop the bleeding. Their mission had been a success, but at a high price. Master Jena recognized Pancuga as a gifted fighter and invited him to take on her role as envoy to the Vais Resistance. Pancuga agreed and began working both as a Master, and as a major player in the Resistance.


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Mercurial Gloves[]

Weapons Pancuga.png Using an old boxer's trick, Pancuga has increased his punching impact with liquid mercury. Unleashes a set of devastating combo punches in a line


Augments AttackPower.png Augments Overheat.png Augments AttackSpeed.png
Weapon Damage
Increases Weapon Damage.
Reduces Heat Buildup.
Attack Speed
Increases Attack Speed.
Weapon Damage +17 Heat Buildup -10 Attack Interval (sec) -0.05
Level 1 : Weapon Damage +7 (+24) Level 1 : Heat Buildup -5 (-15) Level 1 : Attack Interval (sec) -0.03 (-0.08)
Level 2 : Weapon Damage +10 (+34) Level 2 : Heat Buildup -5 (-20) Level 2 : Attack Interval (sec) -0.03 (-0.11)
Level 3 : Weapon Damage +17 (+51) Level 3 : Heat Buildup -5 (-25) Level 3 : Attack Interval (sec) -0.04 (-0.15)


Pancuga passive 1.png [Passive] - The Ol' One-Two[]

[Float like a Butterfly] Upon successfully dodging an attack, any retaliatory attack will stun for 0.5 second. Lasts for 3 seconds, or 1 attack.

[Sting like a Bee] Each time you hit an enemy with a skill, they are debuffed and briefly take 20% increased damage from your Weapon Attacks.

Pancuga defense 1.png [Survival] - Bob and Weave[]

Dodges incoming attack for 0.5 sec. Dodging grants 15% movespeed for 2 seconds.

Pancuga ability 1.png [1st ability] - Punch Out[]

Unleashes a swift set of punches in front of you.

[Combination] Punch Out can be used multiple times in quick succession.
- First Use: Fires out a twin punch combo.
- Second Use: Fires out another twin punch combo.
- Third Use: Fires out a triple punch combo.

Pancuga ability 2.png [2nd ability] - Southpaw Special[]

Unleashes a heavy-hitting hook combo.

[Glass Jaw] Can be used multiple times in quick succession.
- First Use: Throws a heavy left hook, dealing damage.
- Second Use: Throw an uppercut, stunning and damaging struck enemies.

Pancuga ability 3.png [3rd ability] - Work the Body[]

Dashes forward and throws a series of punches.

[Stick and Move] Can be used multiple times in quick succession.
- First Use: Dashes forward and throws out a punch.
- Second Use: Dashes forward while throwing out a punch that knocks targets back.
- Third Use: Dashes forward and throws out a punch.

Pancuga ability 4.png [4th ability] - Light Stepper[]

Uses short dashes to evade incoming damage and reposition over 0.7 sec.

[Twinkle Toes] Can be used multiple times in quick succession.
- First Use: Dashes backwards, evading incoming attacks.
- Second Use: Dashes forwards, evading incoming attacks.

Pancuga ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - Rocket Punch[]

Charges up Pancuga's Synd arm before launching a devastating punch in a line. Launches all enemies you collide with into the air.

Distance covered ranges from 8m to 18m, and damage is increased up to 1.5x over 3 seconds of charging.


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