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R & B
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Role: Support
Type: AttunementType Ardent.png Ardent
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Voice Actor: Orion Acaba
Originates from: Master X Master
Weapon Damage: 4
Skill Power: 9
Survivability: 3
Difficulty: 7

R & B is one of the Masters in Master X Master.


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Story: The Twin Humors[]

Ram was a Myrmidon, an elite combatant amongst the Synd under the command of Sigmund, while Bacchus was a butler for the Sigmund family. Throughout his service, Bacchus had been secretly augmenting himself with Synd implants, discarded by Ram as he improved himself or replaced damaged parts. Despite the lackluster quality of his outdated scraps, Bacchus had an extremely high affinity for SOL and was able to overcharge any part he utilized to great effect. This affinity allowed him to meld with any mechanical part with ease, readily shifting from one form to another. When the first war came about and humans fled the planet, The Sigmund estate was one of the first places to be hit by rebellion forces as their family had heavily supported Synd rule. Ram's unprepared forces were overrun by superior numbers, forcing him to retreat into the estate.

Room by room, Ram slaughtered dozens of rebel fighters, but each time he was forced to retreat as more soldiers poured into the building. Backed into a corner, Ram found Bacchus cowering in the recesses of the structure, and decided to make his last stand. As rebels surrounded them, Bacchus shifted his form into Ram, melding the two together and granting Ram immense power. Together, they fought with a synergy that cut down wave after wave of rebel forces, but were eventually overpowered. Deactivated, their combined body was brought back to the Dredgion, where it lay until Mondo Zax and Moro were able to rewire its perceptive cortex, causing Ram and Bacchus to believe that they are still fighting for the Synd as they embark on missions alongside Masters.


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Mass Manipulator[]

Weapons R & B.png Alters the mass of non-living objects, including Ram and Bacchus, to allow devastating attacks. Creates a vacuum at the targetted area, causing a damaging implosion. (This weapon does not overheat.)


Augments AttackPower.png Augments Range.png Augments ExplosionRadius.png
Weapon Damage
Increases Weapon Damage.
Increases Maximum Range.
Explosion Radius
Increases range of explosion.
Weapon Damage +22 Maximum Range (cm) +50 Attack Radius (cm) +50
Level 1 : Weapon Damage +9 (+31) Level 1 : Maximum Range (cm) +50 (+100) Level 1 : Attack Radius (cm) +20 (+70)
Level 2 : Weapon Damage +13 (+44) Level 2 : Maximum Range (cm) +50 (+150) Level 2 : Attack Radius (cm) +40 (+110)
Level 3 : Weapon Damage +22 (+66) Level 3 : Maximum Range (cm) +50 (+200) Level 3 : Attack Radius (cm) +60 (+170)


R & B passive 1.png [Passive] - Vacuum Pulse[]

[Vacuum Pulse] Every 8 seconds, your next weapon attack slows by 30% for 2 seconds.

R & B defense 1.png [Survival] - Shift[]

Shift your position 7m. Grants weapon attack immunity for 0.3 sec.

R & B ability 1.png [1st ability] - Ram's Well[]

After a short delay, Ram's Well will detonate and deal damage to all enemies caught within it. Damaged enemies are dragged to the center of the well.

R & B ability 2.png [2nd ability] - Bacchus's Fist[]

Bacchus slams his arms into the ground, reshaping them into spears and skewering enemies at a distance for heavy damage.

R & B ability 3.png [3rd ability] - Bacchus's Retaliation[]

On activation, grants a 1 sec. window where Bacchus will retaliate at a target who attacks him in melee. Targets struck by the retaliation are stunned for 2 sec.

Ignores attacks from monsters, range, and summoned minions.

R & B ability 4.png [4th ability] - Ram's Impaler[]

Launches Ram's tail, hooking into the first target in a line. Ram pulls himself to the hooked target, dealing moderate damage.

R & B ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - Duality Slam[]

Ram and Bacchus combine their power to unleash a devastating blast in a 6.0m around them. Ram focuses his power to Bind all enemies within the blast for 2.5 sec, while Bacchus slams enemies with explosive force for heavy damage.


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