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Role: Juggernaut
Type: AttunementType Kinetic.png Kinetic
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Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer
Originates from: City of Heroes
Weapon Damage: 3
Skill Power: 4
Survivability: 9
Difficulty: 5

Statesman is one of the Masters in Master X Master.


  • Name: Statesman
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Superhero
  • Quote: This symbol of justice is eternal.

Story: The Eternal Hero[]

In 2012, Marcus Cole, the Hero known as Statesman, died at the hands of a villain named Darren Wade. While the heroes of Paragon City carried on, their alliances were tense at best. When Earth was attacked by the Battalion, an alien race bent on destruction, the remaining Vanguard turned to an unlikely ally for assistance. This man put forth an idea; the people of Earth needed a symbol to rally behind. They needed the Statesman.

The war raged on and just when it seemed as if all hope was lost, a figure not seen in years flew onto the battlefield. Seeing the Statesman alive and leading the battle, the people of the world rallied and defeated the Battalion. In the aftermath, Statesman spoke to the world and revealed the secret behind his reappearance. While he was indeed Marcus Cole, he had previously been known by a more infamous name, Tyrant, Statesman's doppelganger from Praetorian Earth. The real Statesman was truly dead, but Tyrant had proven his point; a symbol is only as powerful as those who follow it. Still, the experience changed Tyrant, and for the first time since the great wars of the past, the once power-hungry Emperor felt as if he had served a truly noble cause.

Even after his actions, Tyrant knew he would never live down his past infamy and searched for a new place he could live out his days in peace. He discovered a connection between worlds much like that between Primal and Praetorian Earths and found himself in a place where people controlled no powers, but had adapted themselves through advanced technology. When Atlas was brought online and began its subsequent reign of terror, Tyrant couldn't help but smile at the irony that the name Atlas once inspired hope in Paragon City. But if a name can change negatively, then one can change benevolently as well. With the return of the Dredgion, the first decisive battle against the Synd was won, thanks greatly to help from forces on the ground. And standing atop the pile of broken machinery, leading the charge, was a man in a polished silver mask with a bright white star on his chest, calling himself Statesman.


Coming Soon.


Fist of Justice[]

Weapons Statesman.png Statesman's fist is imbued with the power of Zeus. Unleashes a set of devastating combo punches in a line.


Augments AttackPower.png Augments AttackSpeed.png Augments Range.png
Weapon Damage
Increases Weapon Damage.
Attack Speed
Increases Attack Speed.
Charge Attack Range
Increases Charge Attack Range.
Weapon Damage +10 Attack Interval (sec) -0.03 Charge Attack Range (cm) +50
Level 1 : Weapon Damage +4 (+14) Level 1 : Attack Interval (sec) -0.03 (-0.06) Level 1 : Charge Attack Range (cm) +50 (+100)
Level 2 : Weapon Damage +6 (+20) Level 2 : Attack Interval (sec) -0.03 (-0.09) Level 2 : Charge Attack Range (cm) +50 (+150)
Level 3 : Weapon Damage +10 (+30) Level 3 : Attack Interval (sec) -0.04 (-0.13) Level 3 : Charge Attack Range (cm) +50 (+200)


Statesman passive 1.png [Passive] - Unyielding[]

Crowd Control effect durations are reduced by 25%.

Statesman defense 1.png [Survival] - Unstoppable[]

Become immune to all damage and crowd control effects for 2 sec. Movespeed increased by 15% for 2 seconds after using Unstoppable.

Statesman ability 1.png [1st ability] - Olympian Bolts[]

Calls down 4 lightning bolts that deal damage and slow struck enemies by 30% for 4 sec.

[Heroism] Calls down 4 additional lightning bolts.

Statesman ability 2.png [2nd ability] - Flying Haymaker[]

Quickly flies to the target location to strike an enemy within a 3.0m radius.

[Heroism] Damaged targets are launched into the air.

Statesman ability 3.png [3rd ability] - Foot Stomp[]

Causes a shock wave within a 4.5m radius that knocks enemies back.

[Heroism] Increases the knockback distance.

Statesman ability 4.png [4th ability] - Dull Pain[]

Heals 10% max HP and removes all debuffs. Restores an additional 2% max HP for each debuff removed.

[Heroism] Spreads the same effect to allies within a 6.0m radius.

Statesman ultimate 1.png [Ultimate] - Heroism[]

Take flight, Hero. Increases movespeed by 5% and Defense by 10%. Weapon attacks become ranged and skill effects are empowered. Heroism lasts 8 seconds.

Upon activation, all non-ultimate cool downs are reset and you regain 20% of your MP.



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