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Upgrading is an important feature in Master X Master. Players can use materials to upgrade the weapons and skills of Masters, increasing their potency in PvE stages. Note that not all of these upgrades affect the PvP game types.

Skill Upgrades[]

Players can upgrade Master skills for use in PVE using mainly Gold, the ingame currency. You must upgrade your skills this way in order to get the benefits in PVE. These bonuses do not affect PVP as they have their own different level values.

Weapon Upgrades[]

Each Master can equip one of three upgrades available to their weapon. This can range from Weapon Damage, Critical Hit Chance, Overheat Reduction, etc. Upgrading these require the use of Augmentation materials. For instance, upgrading V-Merang's Weapon Damage upgrade requires the use of 10 Ardent Augmentation Crystals and 5 Damage Augmentation Chips (Low). These upgrades, unlike skill upgrades, can be used in PVP.